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January 6, 2023

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Happy Friday!

Just before the new year, I started easing back into my self-care routine, one I had implemented when the pandemic hit.  It involved getting up early to work out (usually before little feet run down the stairs), meditating and green smoothies.  These three things seem to always improve my mood. Six days into the new year, if I’m being honest with myself, I’m feeling just as overwhelmed as I did on day one.  It has been only six days and I’ve been off my routine since last March, so I need to give myself some grace, but when you feel like you’ve been surrounded by a storm cloud for weeks, you want nothing more than that magic pill to come save you and for me, that pill is exercise and nutrition for both my mind and body.

This year, I’m not setting any lofty goals for my business, at least not right now.  If anything, I want to continue working on slowing down both in business and life.  Continuing to say no to things that don’t bring me or my family joy and allowing for more time for other more simple life moments like walks with my family, days at the beach, hours spent in the library, hanging with my mom, and coffee dates with friends, just to name a few.  

I suppose if my word was summed up in that little paragraph, it would be slow, relaxed, steady, gentle or all of the above.   As I recover from the stresses of the holidays and having children home for fifteen straight days, my focus on the month ahead is to get reorganized, keep my mental healthy steady, and hold back the urge to rush and get everything back in order.  Looking ahead, but also staying present. 

Also we got SO MUCH SNOW this week! I don’t feel like we’ve had a winter like this since I was a kid and I love it, at least I will until March.

Enjoy these snowy iphone pics!


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