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January 1, 2023

My first personal post ever and all beginning in the new year, on a new website.  Seems  fitting, right?

I’ve been wanting a new website for so long, one that represented me, that felt like me.  One that I could finally post things I love outside of photography, such as personal ideas, thoughts and day to day life.  

As the cursor blinks waiting for me to type the next sentence I have to admit, I feel scared and vulnerable.  I know most new year posts are all about new goals and ambitions, mood boards and resolutions, although I have those, it’s hard to fully move forward and get excited for those when past doors that need to be closed aren’t.  There have been many achievements and celebrations, but also a lot of heartache and feelings of loss.  

My abhorrence for social media grew exponentially when the pandemic hit.  Both personally and professionally, the little app called Instagram has been something I wish I could get rid of entirely and I’ve wondered, could I still have a successful career in photography if I got rid of it completely?  Until now, it was the only way I could really show my work, but now that I have a website I love, I feel a lot closer to potentially saying goodbye to it forever. 

This first blog post has left a lot open ended, but we have time to get to really know one another and in time I will open up more.  This space is for me to show you the highlights and the lowlights, a space to be vulnerable, a space you won’t see anywhere else on social media. 

As we enter into a new year, 2023, my wish and goal is to close those open doors, figure out who I am again, ignore the trends and be more true to myself.  



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