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I know how busy you are, so I keep these blog posts short, sweet, and value-packed so you can find solutions and gain perspective from an expert without digging through 2,000-word essays. 

For several years I’ve had a strong urge to quit social media, but as a photographer it never felt possible. I tried everything to limit my time on the apps, but after years of trying and constantly falling back into the scrolling hole of hell, I realized the only way to stop was to quit […]


LISTENING TO A mix of Taylor and Ben Howard PODCAST EPISODE I LOVED Huberman Lab ‘Jocko Willinki: How to become Resilient, Forge Your Identity & Lead Others’’ BOOK I’M READING Lessons in Chemistry Happy Friday! Just before the new year, I started easing back into my self-care routine, one I had implemented when the pandemic […]


My first personal post ever and all beginning in the new year, on a new website.  Seems  fitting, right? I’ve been wanting a new website for so long, one that represented me, that felt like me.  One that I could finally post things I love outside of photography, such as personal ideas, thoughts and day […]