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Imagine a very hot October afternoon, the sun beating down on a beautiful rose garden, the air thick with the sweet fragrance of blooming flowers. Now picture a family of girls, running through the garden, playing peekaboo and hide and seek, their laughter filling the air with pure joy. As a Minneapolis Photographer, I had […]


I had the pleasure of spending a sunny winter day with the Bohline family. The sunlight beamed into their bedroom, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere filled with giggles and the sound of little feet jumping on the bed. Big sister showered her new baby sister with snuggles, radiating love and joy. Capturing these precious […]


June 11, 2023 Capturing intimate newborn family sessions is one of my favorite things to photograph and this Edina, Minnesota session was no exception. It was truly heartwarming to witness the love and connection between this little family and their brand new baby boy. As a photographer, I love to capture the natural and authentic […]


In-Home Photo Shoot with a 9-Month-Old Girl by a Minnesota Family Photographer As a Minnesota Family Photographer based in Minneapolis, I was ecstatic to photograph this beautiful family again! I had previously photographed their engagement session, and now, I was given the opportunity to capture their adorable 9-month-old daughter in an in-home photo shoot. It’s […]


Minnesota truly showed off this year. Although we desperately needed the rain, the lack of it allowed from some of the most beautiful fall colors. This evening with the Donovan family we spent exploring fields, chasing grasshoppers, dancing and playing with the tall grasses as we chased the afternoon sun.